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Welcome to the Green Mountain Athletic Association

We are dedicated to promoting health and friendship through running and athletic events.


Access detailed results from past races and events. This section includes times, rankings, and other important performance metrics for each runner. Whether you’re checking your own results or looking up the performance of others, you’ll find all the data you need here.

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Stay informed about upcoming races and events. Our schedule includes dates, times, locations, and details about each event, helping you plan your participation and ensure you don’t miss out on any of the action.


Access exclusive information and resources for GMAA members. This section includes updates on membership benefits, important announcements, and other member-specific content. It’s your go-to spot for staying connected and making the most of your GMAA membership.

Team Racing

Get all the details about our team racing events. This section includes information on how to form a team, the rules and regulations of team races, and upcoming team competitions. Whether you’re looking to join a team or want to know more about team events, this is the place to start.


Dive into the history of the GMAA. This section highlights our milestones, achievements, and the development of our organization over the years. Learn about the people and events that have shaped the GMAA and continue to influence our activities today.

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Read our latest blog posts featuring stories from the running community, interviews with runners and organizers, and updates on events. The blog offers insights, advice, and inspiration for runners of all levels, keeping you engaged and informed about what’s happening in the world of GMAA.

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Category features conversations with notable individuals who have made significant contributions to the running community. These interviews offer personal insights, experiences, and stories that provide a deeper understanding of the people behind the races. Discover the journeys, challenges, and triumphs of veteran runners and key figures through their own words.

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History and events

Category delves into the rich history and memorable events of the GMAA. Here, you will find articles that celebrate milestones, honor influential figures, and recount the traditions that have shaped the running community over the years. Explore the legacy and evolution of our races and the remarkable individuals who have left an indelible mark on our association.